Serbia:EPS, We are starting TPP TENT A on Saturday

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Electricity production in the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A (TENT) should start on Saturday, Chairman of EPS Supervisory Board Aca Marković has said. Marković said that EPS could provide complete electricity supply for Serbia from its electric power system this weekend already.

After visiting EPS Central Control Room together with the Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlović, Marković said to the press that the supply of electricity to the consumers in Belgrade and Serbia was stable and that it was carried out in the conditions which were safer than four or five days before.

“Therefore, we assert with high certainty that this stability will be maximum these days and that there is no reason to think in any other way”, Marković said.

He said that EPS had taken all measures to provide electricity production and distribution from their own plants.

“We hope that, since we have been preparing the plants in TENT A, we will start with the first blocks in the network on Saturday”, Marković stressed.

Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlović said that the risk of flooding had not passed yet, but that every effort had been made to overcome the problems.

Mihajlović pointed out that, regardless of the problems in electric power plants caused by the flooding, “the profession must survive and the government [was] always [there] to help”.

“We are here to support the profession and knowledge, because in difficult moments, it turned out that we could get out of it”, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antić has stated this night that power cuts have not been planned and that it is crucial to defend Kostolac and TENT A in Obrenovac from floods.
Antić: It is nonsense that Obrenovac has been sacrificed to save Belgrade
If we survive this upcoming wave of water, the Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” (TENT) A could be put into operation next weekend, the Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antić has said.

First, we have to repair the railroad to Lazarevac for transporting coal, which should be finished until Wednesday or Thursday, and the first trains could depart in six days, the Minister said during his visit to TENT.

These trains would transport 20 000 tons of coal to Obrenovac, as it has been determined that the situation with groundwaters has improved, Antić added. He ordered that one pumping station should be transferred to the Kolubara basin.

He dismissed the rumours that Obrenovac had been sacrificed to save Belgrade, calling this nonsense and explaining that Obrenovac had been flooded by Kolubara, whereas TENT was threatened by Sava.

He said that he would do everything to provide electricity for the Serbian people without power cuts, because the situation was extremely difficult, as water had attacked several key facilities.

He added that, except for TENT and Kostolac, there was also a problem in TPP Morava due to the rise of West Morava.

“It is a fact that we have to lower the level of rivers in Serbia in every possible way. We had to open the Đerdap reservoir, which is an additional problem for electricity production, but this was necessary, so that Dunav could be able to accommodate all its tributaries, also including Mlava, which has been causing great difficulties”, Antić said.

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