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The construction on South Stream gas line in Serbia is predicted in December 2013. From Gazprom they point out that the question of Srbijagas restructuring does not threaten the South Stream.This project implementation is proceeding according to plan and decision that South Stream will be built in Serbia is no longer disputed, stands in Gazprom Export statement.

In the Gazprom Export said that they did not notice the problems that could slow or suspend the South Stream construction through Serbia, including announced Srbijagas restructuring with which that pipeline was built through Serbia.

Regarding the Srbijagas restructuring it is, as they said, “an internal process of Serbia, in which we will not and cannot interfere.”

What we can say is that it certainly does not jeopardize our relationship with our Serbian partners, or South Stream advance“, stand in the company.

The action plan that we signed with our Serbian partners provides start of South Stream construction in December 2013. And the first gas should be supplied in 2016th “.

Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic these days have also announced that the South Stream construction through Serbia had to begin later this year. Dacic said that the technical preparations for the work start were underway, while the Minister of Energy noted that it was expected that construction of the pipeline begun in Serbia at the end of this year or the first quarter of next year.

Construction of the South Stream pipeline through Serbia should be implemented jointly by Russian company Gazprom and Serbian Srbijagas, through a joint venture, and in the construction of that gas pipeline through our land is planned to be invested about 1.7 billion $.

On the project will be hired thousands of workers from local construction companies, equipment manufacturers and service sectors.

The capacity of the gas pipeline through Serbia will amount to 40 billion cubic meters, and the total length of the section is 420 kilometers, with planned branches for Republika Srpska and Croatia.

Source: Serbia Energy/GazpromExport

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