Serbia:GazpromNeft NIS Oil company will export to European Union

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GazpromNeft owned Serbian Oil Industry is finishing investment projects in Oil Refinery “Pancevo” worth almost 600MEUR. Process of continual improvement of processing capacities that followed was continued this way after finishing the last year’s complex where derivates “Evro 5” standard are being successfully produced.

Modernization of the port on Danube was finished during this period and company continued modernization of auto-loading facility. Next to that, the biggest refinery facility for production of gas and gas components was reconstructed.

Many investments were concluded because of production decrease and increase of energy efficiency degree among which is thermal protection of 24 reservoirs which are protected with special ceramic isolation material.

All biodiesel production conditions will be made in next two months with appropriate content of bio components- it is said in the statement. This investment, worth more than 100 million dinars, opens an export door to NIS for oil derivates export in EU countries.

Next to mentioned investments, 40 more small technical-technological projects and improvements will be realized. Like it was stated, the biggest investment during summer season with total amount of 4 billion dinars is finishing the modern port on Danube. This investment will enable loading and unloading of derivates according to the harshest world standards.

This is ecological investment because new loading “hands” and devices for gas return will practically eliminate emission of harmful gases in the air, land and water. The next in the row is modernization of refinery auto-loading facility which is being done in four phases. The second phase, worth almost 700 million dinars, is over and it provided charging cistern system with overloading upwards in accordance with the most modern EU standards what provides zero emission of polluting substances in atmosphere.


Source; Serbia Energy/NIS

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