Serbia:If the EPS does not Change – it Loses Market

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Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said that the directors of state enterprises can not be protected from the public for their own negligence. In particular, they can not be protected, she said, from relevant ministers. She warned that if the Electric Power Industry of Serbia does not change its relationship with consumers – will lose the market.

“Besides being the minister, I am a citizen who pays the bills, who is calling services to obtain information, and the like. I ride public transport also, so does that mean that as a minister I should first announce the director of GSP, and if I see that there driver is driving inadequate speed, I could not say it in the media?” Mihajlovic stressed recently.

Speaking of the new electricity bills, which EPS sends to consumers, Mihajlovic said that the Department of Energy, a few months ago, requested from EPS that these accounts are clear.

“They have not done it yet, and it seems to be the challenge for EPS. As a consumer I can not understand the lack of professionalism towards consumers,” said Minister of Energy.

Commenting on a small number of registered citizens of a free quantity of gas and electricity per month, Mihajlovic said that so far 72,000 vulnerable people appeared, but that the number is growing monthly by five to ten percent.

According to her, it is their lack of knowledge or application procedure, which Ministry of Energy will try to simplify in cooperation with local governments.

Asked to comment on a possible price increase of gas every three months, Mihajlovic said it was customary for long-term supply contracts, as is the case with “Gazprom” – the quarterly adjusted rates, “and that means changes in both directions”, therefore price increase and price cuts.

Answering the question of whether we will import electricity this winter, Mihajlovic said that Serbia purchased electricity from the Republic of Serbian on public tender, not only for the past but for the next winter.

“Will there be further imported electricity, it will depend on how the situation will demand, but for now we have sufficient quantities secured,” said Minister of Energy.

Regarding the termination of the contract for construction of the largest solar park in Serbia, Mihajlovic said that the Ministry of Energy does not have any official information about the investor filed a lawsuit and allegedly seeking damages of 900,000 euros in front of the London court.

“Decision on the signing is adopted by the Government, upon the proposal of the Ministry of Finance. We, as a ministry, had objected to the document from the beginning,” said Mihajlovic, commenting on the signing and termination of the contract for the construction of a solar park.

She added that for the Ministry of Energy this case is a lesson, and that in future talks with potential investors they must firstly check their credit worthiness.

Source; Serbia Energy/MERZ

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