Serbian 2012 capital energy projects overview, new power generation facilities

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Electric Power of Serbia, state monopoly power generation company, and Italian Edison are in the process of finalizing details of the agreement for construction of two 375MW power gen units of Thermal power plant Kolubara and founding of joint project company is expected soon, it was stated in EPS strategy sector.

As for new unit construction project TENT B3 of 700MW, with chinese consortium of companies China Environmental Energy and Shenzhen Energy Group, it was agreed that joint feasibility study has to be produced. Once the results of the feasibility is known the partners will decide on project next steps.

For modernization of CHP Novi Sad, end of 2011 one bid was submitted from joint Russian-greek-slovakian consortium. EPS is evaluating the offer and in the next months the final decision could be reached.

When it comes to Renewable energy projects, Ibar river10 small hydro power plants project in partnership with Italian Secci energy estimates the construction of hydro net power of 105MW with average production of 430kwh. Last year joint venture company was founded in Kraljevo city and at the moment the project is in the phase of different planning document preparation, space planning is under public hearing in Kraljevo.

Serbian EPS also initiated some joint venture projects with Energy company from Republika Srpska, upper Drina river hydro power plants, the project is also in conceptual design phase.

Joint venture hydro power plants complex project with German RWE Inoggi, five hpp of total net power 150MW and with annual production of 645kwh is also in development phase. State process integration which includes permits, layout approval and other steps are underway, as well as preparation for design proposal.

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