Serbian AERS approved transmission network code of Gastrans

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The new code draft was submitted 13 April to AERS for approval purposes. Prior to this, Gastrans published the network code for public hearing purposes and the hearing was held in the period between 10 September and 10 October 2019. The Council of the Serbian Energy Agency (AERS) has adopted a decision on the approval of natural gas transmission network code of Gastrans, which regulates the relations between the operator and users of the transmission system which will cross Serbian territory and be connected with the Bulgarian and Hungarian national gas pipeline system.

Upon the completion of the public hearing, certain Code provisions were amended in order to have them harmonized with the Law, Final Exemption Act, EU network code provisions which were assumed to be complied with by Serbia as an Energy Community contracting party, as well as with comments submitted during the public hearing procedure.

The code regulates the rights and obligations of the transmission system operator and users in a manner providing for a rational system development and its efficient use as well as a free access and equal treatment of system users. The basic issues regulated by the code include: transmission system access, capacity allocation on entry and exit points (for time horizons of up to one year), transmission system operation, maintenance and development, reporting and data collection.