Serbian DSO companies improving revenues, says EPS DSO deputy

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With this year’s collection rate of 102% and the reduction of electric power losses to 14.45%, EPS would be able to realize substantial cost savings and increase revenues. − We need an adequate support of judicial authorities and much greater engagement of distribution companies.

Collection of debts for delivered electricity and minimization of distribution losses, i.e. their reduction to the level imposed by technical conditions are two resources that, along with an adequate price of electricity, constitute the very foundation of the performance pyramid in each company with the same structure and scope of activities as “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”. Hence, the price of electricity, billing and losses are seen as the elements which could most contribute in achieving the objectives of business strategy, both at the level of PE EPS and its subsidiary companies. In the interview with Zeljko Markovic, MSc, Deputy Director of the Electricity distribution department at EPS we discussed the topics of bill collection and loss reduction because, for most customers in Serbia, the electricity price is still a regulated category, controlled by regulatory bodies and government authorities.

Complete interview with EPS DSO department deputy Zeljko Markovic can be viewed at Executive Interviews section.