Serbian DSO cutting off electricity to big debtors, households and big consumers on the frontline

21. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

After a deadline for signing a contract for debt reprogram expired and the poor were protected with social cards, Serbian DSO companies began to cut off non-paying consumers.

-Action of cutting off debtors is being done in accordance with the plan brought on the level of EPS. Number of groups on terrain is increased and consumers that owe more than 100.000 dinars are going to be turned off. Turning electricity off to those who have smaller debt begins in the next phase. Groups are planned to come out on terrain again to determine if someone turned off has connected again unofficially. In the case of unofficial connection, lawsuits are following in accordance with the law. Charges in front of court will be launched since 25 May, but this time they will pay for mobile, not only immobile property.

As it is announced, there will be no selection during turn off but all non-paying consumers will confront scissors, with no exception. Unconscious consumers that remain without electricity would have to pay its debts in order to get electricity again. However, they won’t be able to use convenience that consumers who signed debt reprogram had which means that instead of paying in 24 or 36 rates, they will need to pay in 4 rates (the first rate need to amount 50% of the debt). DSO Belgrade company stresses that they regularly turn electricity off to those who don’t pay.

-Electricity is being turned off to big debtors according to the planes made in EPS. These consumers haven’t sign contracts for regulating debts in predicted period of time. On the other side, contracts for reprogram were signed with 18.496 households and 2.226 industrial households- it is stated in EDB.

It is stressed in EPS that 113.655 agreements were made in the scope of “No interests, on rates”. 101.537 agreements of these were signed with households and 12.118 with buyers from industrial category. Signing the contract was reprogrammed to 7,5 billion dinars of debt and interest release is 1,4 billion dinars. Household category has 3,6 billion dinars debt and interest of 680 million dinars while 3,9 billion dinars were reprogrammed in category of industry and the value of released interest is around 750 million dinars.

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