Serbian energy company EPS increased bills collection in 2012

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“EPS had 98,97% of bills collection in 2012, what is the best result in the last five years”, EPS Distribution Director, Dejan Vasic stated.
He said for Company Magazine (kWh) that such payment in 2012 enables bigger investments in infrastructure, in measurement infrastructure especially, what will bring to improvement of payment and decrease of electricity losses that amounted 14,3%.

Vasic said that payment percentage improvement didn’t help stopping the growth of the part of buyers’ claim. He stated that there was 83 billion dinars’ debt in the beginning of 2012 and 95 billion dinars’ debt in the end of September, where 78 billion debts were older than 60 days.

Accumulated debts that EPS’s Management and Ministry of Resources will begin to pay out soon”, he said.
Part of debt relief in order to enable the rest of debt payout in rates is the intention, according to prepared model that will be in front of Serbian Government.

Vasic said that dividing distribution model is changed so all electricity distribution utilities will remain the way they are. According to his words, two new industry companies are suggested to be established- operator and supplier. Electricity distribution utilities will work for distribution system operator and supplier that should get status of public supplier.

New industrial societies will sign agreements with electricity distribution utilities what they will get their refund for, Vasic added and stressed that it won’t be “virtual companies”, they will have the capital for establishment and they will do business on the basis of agreements with distributions.

“EPS’s Management decided for this variant that it is simpler than status change. Managing Board, Ministry of resources and Serbian Government should declare about it” Vasic stated for “Kilovat sat”.

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