Serbian energy company power gen facilities overhauls halted due to the lack of finance and legal restrictions, new electricity price to bring new budget

9. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Last meeting of EPS directorate for Electricity Production representatives and production industry societies of EPS has passed in searching for more efficient solution to faster realization of public supplies necessary for realization of overhauls on excavations and in plants whose season started in the beginning of this month.

Next to the problems with bidders who intend to impose their goods and to prolong terms because of that, there was also talk about that every supply needs to be done in accordance with solutions in the new Law for Public Purchases. This means that purchases that suppose to be launched by the end of 2013 need to be planned now during preparation of EPS business plan for 2013 rebalance and purchases for overhauls’ requirements until the end of next year.

Rebalance preparation is, like it was said, close to an end and it is waiting on the work launching of the Company “EPS Snadbevanje” so that new price can be required. This price is main input for final defining of goals and tasks in this year’s business. It is mentioned that EPS had had income instead of predicted deficit in the first quarter which is estimated as obvious result of grate production, good salary and significant savings in all segments of the work .

Vera Stanojevic, Director of electricity and heating energy production sector, stated that EPS plants have produced around 12,8 billion KWH which is more than balanced 6,1% and achieved in the same period last year 6,8%. She talked about indicators of plants’ work in 23 days of April. She stressed that incomes are big, the work is with lower power, not because of equipment but because of systematic demands, the time of technical minimum is increased and work in secondary regulation is marked with April production. 2,2 billion KWH is produced for 23 days which is 2,3% more than planned but also 3,6% less than in the same period last year.

Nebojsa Sijakovic, Director of coal production sector said that “Tamnava-Zapadno polje” will be the main support in Kolubara basin and significant investments for overcoming difficulties on “Polje B” will be necessary. He stated that 13,14 million tons of coal has been produced since the beginning of January where more than ten millions was produced in Kolubara and plant’s production amounted 33,67 million cubic meters until 24 April. Coal production was 2% higher than last year but also 20% lower than planned one.

Meeting participants talked about confusions related to engagement of third persons in overhaul works, lack of expert work force and preparations to solve these problems on PC EPS’s level.


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