Serbian energy minister demands Srbijagas closure?

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Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, suggested to Government to turn Srbijagas into closed stock company in order to turn it off by the end of next year.

All nature gas transport and storage jobs would be separated from Srbijagas, as well as “Azotara Pancevo”. Proposal was given to the Government on urgent basis on 28 March the day after the long-term agreement with Russia was signed. Government has not reconsidered this proposal yet.

“Blic” reports about all parts of Minister’s plan. Big indebtedness is being stated as a reason for reconstruction and the goals are “preventing financial crash” of Srbijagas and further indebtedness of the country.

Reorganization is imagined to happen in several phases. Distribution, Transport and storage, trade and other in two, three or more closed stock companies with 100 percent of capital in state’s ownership are separated in the first phase. Preliminary title of future company than would deal with transport and storage will be “Transgas” and there is a possibility of its entering into the holding with preliminary title “Srpski energetski holding”. Other state companies that are responsible for transport like “Transnafta”, “Elektromreza Srbije” and part of “Srbijagas” which works with gas supply would also enter the new holding. Next to that, forming of the new company “Gasna skladista Srbije” is also planned.

The first phase which deadline is 31 July this year considers separating all dependent societies except for “MSK Kikinda” and “HIP Petrohemija Pancevo” and release of Srbijagas from debts of the company. Separating of “Azotara Pancevo” is being especially emphasized.

The second phase that predicts forming of closed stock society “Transgas” is being done in the second phase. Number of employees is being decreased with “natural outflow” or transforming PC “Srbijagas” into AD “Srbijagas”.

Separating of property and all following services from AD “Srbijagas” to AD “Transgas” is planned for the third phase, as well as reconsidering the holding contained of AD “Transgas”, AD “Transnafta”, AD “Elektromreze Srbije”, in perspective of AD “Gasna skladista Srbije”.

Source; Serbia Energy/Blic/Agencies