Serbian energy minister mentioned problems in Srbijagas

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Serbian Mining and Energy Minister said recently that there were a lot of problems in the Srbijagas company.

An Instagram post quoted energy minister Zorana Mihajlovic as saying that she is only interested in results. “To open completely frank, there are a lot of problems in Srbijagas, especially in its subordinate companies Transportgas, Gastrans, Sogaz and others. Just so there is no dilemma, I am not interested in who the CEO of the public company is but whether they are operating responsibly and in the interest of the country and there is only one interest – energy stability,” she wrote in the post.

Mihajlovic threw the CEO of Srbijagas Dusan Bajatovic out of a recent meeting with the heads of the state-owned energy industry companies, allegedly because he disobeyed her order to bring in his associates. Bajatovic is a ranking official of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), junior partner to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) which come analysts claim has lost posts in the government (including the energy ministry) because it is closer to Moscow than the West.