Serbian energy ministry extends the deadline for large electricity consumers, supply contracts to be made in accordance with new liberalized power market rules

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Ministry of energy extended the deadline of making contracts for electricity supply to big industrial consumers, Deputy Minister of Energy Mirjana Filipović stated.

She expects that all consumers which liberalization of market is valid for will make agreements for electricity supply.

Although, liberalization of electricity market for 27 industrial consumers on high voltage took effect on 1 January 2013, many haven’t made contracts on time, Filipović said and reminded that Ministry suggested them to do it until 15 January, and that deadline is postponed once again until the end of January because of holydays and delay.

She mentioned that big industrial consumers can make the contract with some supplier which offers most affordable conditions of around 50 licensed electricity suppliers, and it doesn’t have to be “Elektroprivreda Srbije” (EPS).

Filipović announced that possibility to offer these consumers more accessible conditions and payment methods is being considered, but she couldn’t precise what price they will pay.

– It depends on suppliers and consumers’ negotiations, and on electricity consumption level, if the consumption is higher during day or night- Filipović added.

She said that the public supplier, who will supply consumers according to the old system and regulated prices, has not been chosen yet. Production of acts for reserve supplier election which will supply consumers who didn’t manage to make contracts on time will last 60 days maximum and prices will be higher.

According to “Elektroprivreda Srbije” (EPS)’s data, some of big industrial consumers made contract with that company like “Beogradske elektrane” and “Termolektrana Kovin”, NIS for Pančevo Refinery, many industrial societies within the EPS which will have to buy electricity on free market since this year.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine