Serbian energy ministry realistic plans for sector development says Aksentijevic advisor to Minister

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A country that seriously thinks about its future does not concede its hydropower resources to strangers and that is the rule, but it doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions. – The price of electricity is an important factor; therefore, we have started the process of a gradual adjustment

In recent years, various governments have adopted more than 100 strategies, and there only a few of them which didn’t experience the “destiny” of the strategy of the energy sector. For twenty years, none of all energy sector strategies has made a crucial impact because no new energy facility has been built – says in the interview for “kWh” Ljubomir Aksentijevic, Special Advisor to the Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, highlighting the importance of the adoption of a realistic energy sector strategy.

Although he agrees with some assessments pointing out that the energy sector development has so far been undertaken rather in a spontaneous and disorganized manner, he also thinks that we must not ignore the results of the rehabilitation of existing electric power facilities.

– When we take into account all modernizations, especially in the electric power sector, we may say that we “practically” got a new thermal power plant, but it still doesn’t mean that the aim of the strategy was achieved – says Aksentijevic. It can’t be disputed that the rehabilitations were made in the best interest and that these facilities have contributed to the security of electricity production.

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