Serbian EPS thinks over increase in electricity price as much as 25 percent

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Electricity price increase should be expected early next year, said Životije Jovanovic, deputy general manager of EPS.  Electricity price increase should be expected early next year, up to 25 percent, Životije Jovanovic, deputy director general of the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”.

According to him, the current price of the kilowatt is 5.1 euro cents, which is at least twice cheaper than in neighboring countries. Slovenians pay 20 euro cents for a kilowatt, in the Montenegro they pay 8.80, and 6.16 eurocents is the price in Macedonia.

– The price of electricity will not be increased by the end of the year but in the beginning of next year the price increase is inevitable – Jovanovic says. – I think that a price increase will occur during the heating season, but it depends on the consent of the Government of Serbia. There won’t be any drastic increase in the price and we should expect it to be 20 to 25 percent. EPS is likely to ask for a price increase between 26 and 27 percent.

Low temperatures these days caused increased power consumption. Compared to the summer average, consumers now need as much as 50 percent more electricity. Consumption has risen from 80 to about 120 gigawatts.

– Temperatures below minus 10 degrees significantly increased power consumption – Jovanovic said.


– Energy situation in Serbia is stable, and so far everything works as it should – said Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Energy, in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. – A supply of electricity and gas is stable and heating plants operate without problems. We expect it to remain so in the future and we expect this heating season to end without any problems.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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