Serbian government approved 74MEUR state guarantiees loans for thermal power plants

8. January 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Providing state guarantees for the debt of EPS in the amount of 74 million Euros is aimed to ensuring smooth operation of lignite power plants.

As the Minister for Regional Development and Local Government Verica Kalanovic said, this loan will ensure safe and continuous supply of coal to the citizens, reduction of atmospheric pollution and the rational management of natural resources.

While explaining to MPs the legal proposal to provide a guarantee for the debt of the company in favor of the German development bank KfW, Kalanovic said that this is a loan intended for the project of improving exploitation technologies in the Kolubara coal mine in order to increase thermal efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

“When we talk about improving energy sector we are talking about using our resources and caring for the environment, because they are connected. That’s why this project should be viewed from both technological and environmental as well as from social aspect,” Kalanovic said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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