Serbian grid company investment for new transformer station 400/110KV Belgrade 20, investment cycle of 45 mil euro

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Public enterprise Grid network company of Serbia presented the most important investment in Belgrade area, the new transformer station Belgrade 20

Investment project on new transformer station Belgrade 20 included civil construction works, management building and access roads. Most specific works are related to installation of three big transformers of 900mva.

The construction of this transformer station Belgrade 20 is very important for energy system of Serbia and specially for Belgrade as will allow safe and reliable delivery of electricity to wide area of Belgrade. Such secured supply will enhance the economy development of the area as Belgrade hosts large number of industrial consumers.

New transformer station is located in Mirijevo area and is in accordance with all city urban space planning acts and within environmental standards.

The station will decrease the losses in grid transfer so the financial gain will be 1 mil euro per annum.

Grid company also completed the project of installing the double cable 110kv line, from TS Belgrade 1 to TS Belgrade 28 which will secure the supply in city center areas.

During period of 2008-2012 for transformer station modernization cycle Grid company of Serbia replaced 34 new transformers in total value of 45 mil euro.


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