Serbian-Italian JV project new TPP of Kolubara B should be accelerated says minister Mihajlovic

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Joint Company of Serbian energy company EPS and Italian “Edison” for the construction of TPP Kolubara B should be formed during this year- it was said on conference of Serbian-Italian Business Association.

Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, expressed expectations that this can be one of the most preferential projects for realization in this year and she added that companies should make agreement and accelerate the business now, because the memorandum for cooperation in this project had been signed earlier. She expects that companies will respect predicted deadlines and obligations for this energy object.

Mihajlovic called Italian investors to invest in Serbian energy because this and next year will be important for energy in Serbia, considering that Serbia leads Energy Association of South East Europe next year.

Possibilities for investments are new TPP Stavalj, renewable sources, energy efficiency, South Stream project, she said and reminded that EPS has signed agreements for construction of small HPPs on Drina with Italian Company “Seci”.

She stated that announcement of public call for small HPPs on 319 locations in Serbia was published on Monday, 18 February, and everyone interested will be able to invest in it.

HPPs on Ibar are expected to be launched until 2020, despite the difficulties that slow down the work- President of “Seci” Gaetano Maccaferri stated.

If we don’t finish this work until 2020, we won’t get bank credits that are necessary for realization of this business- Maccaferri said and appealed on acceleration of administrative procedures.

Realizations of 10 small HPPs on Ibar, about 120 MW strong, and 4 on Drina, 230 MW strong, are in the plan.

Acting Managing Director of EPS, Aleksandar Obradovic, declared that EPS plans to invest around 6,5 billion EUR in construction and modernization of facilities consisted in this corporation until 2017.

Obradovic stated that about 2 billion EUR will be invested in construction of new capacities like the mine “Radljevo” and new TPPs like TENT B3, and 4,5 billion EUR in modernization of old constructions: 76 billion dinars in HPPs, 175 billion in TPP, 84 billion in distribution and 125 billion dinars in revitalization and change of excavations.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine