Serbian Kostolac power plant, status update on completed 2012 and planed investments in 2013

4. February 2013. / News Serbia Energy

The 2012 year will remain to Industrial Company TPP Kostolac in memories as a year of big investment projects continuation and revitalization of the block “B2” with record electricity production on the blocks TPP-KO A and “B1”, but also in record overburden’s production of  40 million cubic meters yearly, the highest production in this area in history.

-Last year passed normally in accordance to the plans, the balance, between coal needs with reference to electricity production, was made in this Industrial Society, i.e. we had coal production in amount that blocks consumed, so we didn’t have any problems in this area. Production was not conditioned with any resource at any moment, considering coal and overburden primarily. We should point out that the best strategy production of overburden ever, was accomplished last year. 40 million cubic meters was for the very first time exceeded.

Electricity production, according to the needs and balance, was managed with record production on the blocks of TPP Kostolac A and B1. Considering the situation that B2 block was in annual revitalization program because of extended form of capital parts of boiler changing and very complex situation with construction works and equipment delivery, the block was 40 days more in the overhaul than it was planned with balance. So the lower percent should be expected than the one which would be expected if the block started working on time, Director of Company TPP “Kostolac” Dragan Jovanovic said in interview to the factory press TPP-KO Kostolac.

Another strategic thing which has been done in the whole last year is one very serious project for the increase of all technical parameters of coal and overburden production.

-We do this project in cooperation with German Company “Vattenfall” and practically both phases of this consultant job was finished last year, so this is the year of implementation of everything we have done last year. We expect the first visible results of attempt to increase coal and overburden production’s techno-economic parameters this year. We go towards defined space that considers performance of B1 block in TPP “Kostolac” little over projected level of production and that is the gain of electricity for 20 to 30 MW. Thermal blocks would accomplish its maximal opportunities with this job, which is expected to be finished 2014. We also expect the second phase of investment arrangement within commercial agreement with the Chinese i.e. construction of new energy block, 350 MW strong, and extension of coal steam “Drmno” by financing from Chinese National Bank. Industrial Society Kostolac can be encircled to 1 350 MW of installed capacity before the withdrawal of the blocks from TPP “Kostolac”. That would be the strength which can be used for coal steam exploitation from “Drmno” after the 2050 or 2060 year, considering the aspect of resource quantity.

What do you expect from this year in business and production development area? Do you expect continuation of company investment cycle?

-We, as a company or industrial society 100% state-owned and part of national system, certainly depend on state happenings and stability in a large amount. This year promises stable business that would be profiled by state policy, in sense of economy cooperation with the world. State had already given guaranties with Serbian 2013 budget for the second phase of credit arrangement Kostolac’s economy, in amount of 609 million dollars. With this act, state gave us an approval to do anything to prepare the arrangement, and state authorities will decide whether it will happen or not. Differently said, we believe that economic stability is very important to daily and strategic planning. We are really close to it in this period and at this moment- said Dragan Jovanovic.

Source Serbia Energy/Danas/TEKO

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