Serbian Kraljevo region offers locations for small and medium size HPPs

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Construction of about 50 medium size hydro plants was predicted with the spatial plan for Kraljevo region.

Potential investors are going to be invited to compete for some of 20 locations for small HPPs construction in the Kraljevo region soon. This will be the offer only for a part of current hydro potential because there are about 1500 square kilometers and hundreds of smaller and bigger mountain rivers and streams. This is large unused amount of water. Experts estimated that needs of Kraljevo region would be satisfied with future construction of small HPPs on these streams. Therefore current planners predicted construction of 48 plants. This would be the total energy potential of 135 MW without the smallest plants or future 103 MW of 10 plants’ announced construction on Ibar.

Huge interest of domestic and foreign companies for investing in this region is dominant these days, and the public call will be announced by Ministry of Resources who will issue initial permissions i.e. energy approvals.

-This approval is in charge of Ministry, “Elektrosrbija” prescribes construction conditions and city service for urbanism approves the work launching. As far as we know, Ministry will sharpen conditions for mentioned energy approval which is temporarily limited to two years. This is good move because it had happened that certain investors get initial documentation and to take certain locations which they resell afterwards because lack of money. Ministry decreased number of different approvals, so 10 documents less would be required instead of former 27- Zvonko Kovacevic, Chairman of the City Urbanism Sector, stressed.

This belief of reselling locations and collecting documents is confirmed by number of reports requested during last 5-6 years to “Elektrodistribucija” Kraljevo, significantly fewer projects were realized.

-25 potential investors asked conditions for mini HPPs construction in the mentioned period, and only 5 of them is being built.

One of them, 95 KW strong, which is placed on Studenica River and consisted in the monastery, is connected to the network. The second one, which is on Josanica River, 359 KW strong, is in the construction phase. Rest of them is waiting on credits and other investors- Dragan Macuzic, Director of Energy Sector in “Elektrodistribucija” Kraljevo.

The main reason for increased interest for investing in this area is possible fast return and earning because renewable energy source kilowatt price is adjusted to European price, according to the governmental order. Kilowatt from medium plants is being paid around 12 dinars which is more than double average electricity price. Such motivation is related to renewable energy also so smaller HPP on solar motion has been set into operation in Zica recently, and request for bigger solar plant was sent to “Elektrodistribucija” even from Zica monastery.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies