Serbian mining investments, Jadarite exploration leaded by Canadian investors

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Serbia is a European Union Applicant and foreign investors may acquire concession rights on natural resources. International exploration companies currently active in Serbia include: Rio Tinto (UK), Dundee Precious Metals Inc. (Canada), Freeport-McMoran Exploration Corp. (Canada), Euromax Resources Ltd. (Canada), Reservoir Capital Corp. (Canada), Empire Mining Corp. (Canada), Erin Ventures Inc. (Canada), Ultra Lithium(Canada).

Serbia Energy monitors the current mining exploration projects and supports the Serbian government mining development strategy by promoting the success case stories. In the same time all stakeholders from local communities are expressing different levels of concerns for environmental measures which will be provided by mining investors. In many cases investors made a mistake and not communicating the benefits of the projects. According to the Energy Communication consultant the mining projects have even higher level of possible miss-understanding with local stakeholders. We did several energy projects communication strategy implementations, unfortunatelly investors were not fully aware of the proactive approach importance. Mining projects, if communicated properly to wide public opinion groups could become either success stories or lost time crisis management projects. Mining exloration of Jadarite could be a great potential for both Serbia and the Canadian investor, so far not lot was communicated in Serbia and thats a pitty for both sides. This new mineral project investor could gain added value with different approach, stated Markovic.

One of the most important Canadian investor in mining exploration in Serbia is Canadian Ultra Lithium company. New discovered mineral Jadarite could bring the attention not only for company investors but also to Serbia for new and other mining projects. According to the local communities stakeholders expectations are huge but in the same time the concerns from environmental associations are present.

In Serbia Ultra Lithium is actively exploring for Lithium and Boron in the form of a newly discovered mineral called Jadarite. Ultra has 100% interest in 544 sq. km in the same region as Rio Tinto