Serbian PM energy Advisor Skundric against RWE and Edison MoU for new TPPs

7. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy


Advisor of Prime Minister and ex Energy Minister, Petar Skundric stated that he is against signing the memorandum with RWE about the construction of “Nikola Tesla B3”.

“I don’t have any reason to be against the cooperation with RWE but Serbia has no more time to wait”, Skundric stated for Politika daily.

According to his words, former government waited on RWE’s decision more than three years, it prolonged terms on requests and made the whole frame in order to jointly realize TENT B3, so that RWE states that it is not interested for realization at the very end of mandate.

“It wasn’t clear why we are signing an agreement with them again and the agreement has the same structure like it had before and on base of this agreement they stated that didn’t want to realize mentioned investment” Skundric stated.

He pointed that memorandums are not obligating documents and they define future steps in cooperation, they should accelerate project realization and not to become an obstacle to other serious strategic partners who want to involve in work realization. He added that, unfortunately this is not the only job that stopped and that it is the same situation when it comes to Italian “Edison” about investments in “Kolubara B”.

“Discussions with these potential investors were not continued with planned dynamics and that is big possibility for us to ask for new strategic partner for this job”, Skundric stressed.

He said that it is important to continue conversations with other partners that are ready to invest and reminded to construction of the new block in Kostolac that former government successfully began next to different obstructions in EPS and state. Skundric added that he is not satisfied with flow of project’s second phase realization because the contract for this project already supposed to be signed and he added that he doesn’t understand what we are waiting for and which attitude is popular about this project.

Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development “Cekor” published recently that according to their information, German Company RWE does not plan construction of TPP “Nikola Tesla B3”.

Deputy President of RWE Board, Rolf Martin has recently answered the question about the construction of this TPP on the annual meeting of RWE in Edsen that this kind of the project in not in the plan of the company and that there are no studies about this project- it is said in the statement of Cekor.

Source; Serbia Energy

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