Serbian power company EPS holds electricity price increase until summer 2013

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Price increase won’t be increased before the mid-summer- EPS stated to the medias.

“Electricity price won’t rise until the mid-summer and citizens will be informed about it 15 days before price increase at least because this is in accordance with the Energy Law”, it was précised in the company.

EPS hasn’t sent the official request for price increase to Energy Agency because not all procedures for forming the public supplier company are done yet.

EPS Managing Board has chosen the industrial society in the scope of EPS that will be in the charge of consumer supply at regulated prices.

License for this activity should be issued by Energy Agency (AERS) and then the company will be able to keep electricity price increase.

When EPS send an official demand for electricity price increase, AERS will also need some time to reconsider this attitude and to do some analysis and estimations of this request.

Previously announced possibility for electricity price to increase in the first quarter of the year, then on 1April and then 1 May, but the price increase is postponed for mid-summer.

Electricity price increased for the last time on 1 April 2011 for 15% in average, and for 10% before that for 10%.

Average electricity price in Serbia is 5,5 euro-cent per KWH.

Source;Serbia Energy/EPS