Serbian power utility CEO introduces new way of thinking, Obradovic started the issues management in EPS

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Serbian energy company EPS new CEO Aleksandar Obradovic raised the public attention when he issued statements that serbian power utility faces bankruptcy if the government does not support new EPS need for loans.

Public mostly supported Obradovic statements as he represents the new way of thinking in Serbian state companies management. Liberalization of the power market, ie electricity and its price reform is only a trigger point for EPS to get real and honest toward its owners, the Serbian state.

The condition of serbian power plants which are supplying 70% of serbian power demand are in poor shape. RES sources are only 30%. Price of electricity which is still a social category in Serbia will have to be changed, the whole price policy precisely.

Identification of the problem is usually the beginning of the problem solving process, Serbian EPS actually do need a brave stand with honest approach. Serbian EPS has the base opportunity to become a regional leader but with completely new management strategy as it was introduced by new EPS CEO.

Recent interview of EPS CEO confirms all previous statements and speaks openly on all issues and challenges ahead.

Complete interview can be access here: LINK