Serbian power utility EPS launches modernization cycle of mines supplying TPPs

24. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

When we compare bills and buying power of citizens, documents show that households and companies in Serbia are not saving money on electricity, next to big financial problems. Electric meters in Serbia marks 3 times more used electricity than the other Europeans. EU members are, however, far from us. Serbian households wholesale market records consumption of 14,5 billion Kwh monthly.

Their average kilowatts’ bill, with reference to the incomes, is even six times lower than ours.

According to the data from Energy Agency, Serbian citizens spend 14,5 billion KWH of electricity per month.

Average consumption is even higher in big cities, so Belgrade households use 500 KWH approximately- it is said in this agency.

One of the ways to reduce electricity consumption in overall level is investing in the new technology in TPPs. Therefore, Serbian power state company“Elektroprivreda Srbije” will make contracts for modernization of Mining basin “Kolubara” that will reach 181 million EUR value until the end of this year. Serbia’s energy security relies 70% from thermal power generation which are getting their coal from Kolubara mines.

“If we use new machines in TPPs, we’ll use much less coal”, Aleksandar Obradovic Acting Director of EPS explained.

“As we provide 70% of energy from this source, coal exploitation decrease will bring automatically to spending less electricity”.

The last contract for disposer supply of 14,38 million EUR worth for “Kolubara”, third in a row, is signed with “Sandvik” Company from Sweden seated in Austria on Friday. Our mining basin launched cooperation with two foreign companies for supply of bagger 31 million EUR worth and transporter with tracks of 29 million EUR.

Source;Serbia Energy

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