Serbian-Republika Srpska energy agreement with Italy under revision

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The government withdrew the draft energy agreement between Serbia and Italy from the parliamentary ratification procedure, and Sanda Raskovic-Ivic (DSS) has asked Minister Zorana Mihajlovic for an explanation, previously saying what she thought of this agreement, since she attended the signing as our ambassador.

She said that this is a “neo-colonial pact” based on which Serbia will give national resources, its water potentials and wind potentials mostly to Italian companies. ”

She said: “Serbia is practically giving it away, while the Italian companies will export this green energy to Italy, which is obliged to produce at least a third of the energy as green by 2020, and Serbia will be given the same directive on mandatory green energy in November, which means that starting with 2020 it will have to produce green energy from more expensive renewable sources such as geothermal sources and biomass.”

Mihajlovic said that this agreement is canceled due to “additional activities, necessary for the annex regarding the attached projects to be complete.” She said that this is not just an agreement between Italy and Serbia, but it also involves Republic Srpska due to the fact that includes power plants on middle Drina.

Mihajlovic added: “Some things have changed since the signing of the agreement. The ministry has already initiated a review of energy permits. When someone gets an energy permit, they have an obligation to complete the project in two years which is the duration of the permit. If they do not, we will have certain consequences in the regulations. ”

Source Serbia Energy Magazine