Serbian RTB copper company produced a ton of gold, bigger profit expected

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Mining and Smelting Complex (RTB) Bor produced a ton of gold, 4, 5 tons of silver and 35.000 tons of copper in 2012, was said on press conference. Managing Director of Complex Blagoje Spasovski said that company expects even better business results than in 2011 when RTB was “positively doing business with more than 41, 5 million dollars”.

Spasovski said that production of copper is two and a half times bigger this year than four years ago.

Running in business with new copper-smelting works and sulfuric acid plant will begin at the end of December next year. Thanks to using of production capacities in higher degree, we will be able to finance credit we got by virtue of Serbian Government”, said Spasovski.

He added that work of modernized copper mine flotation “Veliki Krivelj”RTB Bor begins in two months and reminded that transport system have been renewed for mining excavations’ requirements.

Debts to RTB creditors amount 480 million Euros.

Spasovski stressed that debt refund will begin after finishing of RTB Bor reconstruction and that the part of debt is expected to be written off.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine