Serbian section of PancevoResita transmission line put in operation

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Serbian Government announced that electricity transmission system operator EMS has put into operation transmission Serbian section of the transmission line to Romania (Pancevo-Resita transmission line), which is a part of Trans-Balkan energy corridor.

The construction of this, 68 kilometers long transmission line cost 27 million euros. EMS used its own funds to finance the project and completed it three months ahead of schedule.

The aim of Trans-Balkan energy corridor project is to connect northeastern and southwestern parts of Europe, namely Romania to Italy via Serbia. The corridor will connect Eastern European countries which produce electricity with consumers in Western European countries. It should enable the transmission of electricity over long distances with a minimum loss of energy. Its length in Serbia is over 150 kilometers and it is estimated that the project would cost about 150 million euros. The construction of Trans-Balkan energy corridor is supported by the Government of Serbia and it is included in IPA 2015 donation program.