Serbian study: Hydro power plants of Canadian REV won’t endanger Lim on Montenegrin territory

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Regime of natural flow of the Lim River on Montenegrin territory won’t be endangered by construction of Brodarevo 1 and 2 plants- it is claimed in the study of Lim HPPs environmental influence estimation by “Energoprojekt-Hidroinženjering” from Belgrade.

Ministry of sustainable development and tourism and Agency for Environmental Protection published the study on their websites and invited everyone interested to have an insight. The insight can be done in the rooms of Agency and Bijelo Polje municipality, while the deadline for delivering complains and opinions to the addressee of Agency and Ministry is 15 February.

Damns will be on Prijepolje municipality area, on territory of mid Polimlje, mostly on Lim’s gorges, it is written in the study. Dividing profile of Brodarevo 1 damn is located around 3,5 km upstream from Brodarevo bridge in Lim’s canyon. Damn will be about 39 meters high.

Dividing profile of Brodarevo 2 is planned to be around 12 km upstream from Prijepolje and the damn will be 46 meters high. Accumulation will be spread to an entrance in Brodarevo municipality.

Area predicted for damns is in indirect relation to two very important roads- railway Belgrade-Bar which is placed on right coast of Lim and highroad M21 Prijepolje- Bijelo Polje, routed on left coast of Lim.

– Choice of numbers and locations of dividing profiles is determined by optimization of the hydro energy use of Lim River water from Lučice profile to Montenegrin boarders, considering the fact that existing highroad Prijepolje- Bijelo Polje is mostly placed beside riverbed with relatively low elevation- it is written in the document.

Adopted variant presents technical solution from Energy license for construction of Brodarevo 1 construction on “Junakovina” profile and Brodarevo 2 on “Lučice” profile that don’t endanger regime of Lim’s natural flow on Montenegrin territory.

Construction of Brodarevo 1 is planned to last four years and Brodarevo 2 three years. It is a known investment project of Canadian company REV.

Serbian Government delivered the study at the end of last week and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism announced that expert team that will estimate the document and deliver eventual complains will be formed.

The Ministry contacted Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection first with a demand to deliver Montenegro relevant documentation and the study because of which public discussion was organized in Belgrade on 9 January without informing Montenegrin side.

Delivering of the study was enabled Montenegro to involve in cross board consultations for hydro energy objects’ construction which is guaranteed with international contracts and agreements in this area.

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