Serbia:Noriko China interested for reversible Djerdap 3 HPP

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Minister of Energy, Development and the Environmental Protection Professor. Dr. Zoran Mihajlovic talked with a delegation of Chinese “Norinko corporation” about possibilities for cooperation in the field of electric power, on the implementation of priority projects in this area.

“Norinko Corporation”, which in its structure has a separate company that deals with the implementation of infrastructure projects overseas, is particularly interested in the project of reversible hydroelectric power plant Djerdap 3.

Representatives of Chinese companies have spoken to the Minister and her colleagues on technical aspects and models of financing the construction of HPP Djerdap 3, and the Minister Mihajlovic handed them a book of the priority projects in the energy, environment and defense.

It was agreed that after a detailed introduction of projects to the Chinese, a dialogue should continue on possible cooperation on the construction of power plants in Serbia.

Source; Serbia Energy/MERZ