Serbia:Wind farms expecting the permit, TSO company EMS rejects responsibility

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Company Continental Wind Serbia is satisfied with the effort of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Construction as well as the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning to solve the problem caused by cancelling the building permit for the Wind Farm Čibuk as soon as possible and in the interest of all involved parties- it was announced by that Company and it was added that the Ministry of Energy held an urgent meeting with the representatives of the Provincial Secretariat, TSO Company Elektromreža Srbije and investors.

– We believe that it is important for the state to determine the way, both for us and for other investors, to improve the level of legal security of investments in Serbia and to raise the credibility of the country as an investment destination by finding a way out of this situation – said Ana Brnabić, Director of the Continental Wind Serbia.

The case of the cancelled permit for the wind farm construction in which it has been invested about 30 million euros, was commented in the company Elektromreža, but primarily as a reaction to the media coverage of the case.

– Elektromreža Srbije, acting at the request of Vetrelektrane Balkan d.o.o Belgrade, for issuance of the Decision for connection of the wind generator field “Čibuk” to the transmission system of the Republic of Serbia, through the submitted documentation determined that the issued decision on the building permit applied not only on the production facility of this investor but also to the part of the transmission system. The transmission system is within the exclusive jurisdiction of Elektromreže Srbije – it is said in a statement which also claims that this public company “has been indicating indicate all the time to all potential investors, including Vetroelektrane Balkan, the necessity of coordinating their activities, investment, technical and legal documentation with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia “.

Even though the Company Elektromreže claims that they are dedicated to transparent and non-discriminatory business, it remained unexplained the previous investors’ claim that the law was incomplete in this part, and that many companies received the building permit in the same way as the Continental wind, but that the permit was cancelled only for them.

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