Signed contract about entrusting of the activities of public interest PC “EPS Supply”, “EPS Supply” – public supplier

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Prof. dr Zorana Mihajlović, Minister of energy and Dejan Vasić, director of the Company “EPS Supply” signed on 7.  june the agreement about entrusting of  the activities of public interest PC “EPS Supply”.

At the session of the Government of Serbia, held on 4. june, it was adopted the resolution on the determination of the public electricity supplier and that work was entrusted to PC “EPS Supply”, founded by the Public Enterprise “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”. The Serbian government also approved today signed agreement on entrusting of the activity of public interest “EPS Supply.”

This decision satisfies the provisions of the Energy Law and Resolution of the Government of Serbia from 16. november 2012, by which are adopted starting bases for the EPS reorganization. Thus, the legal conditions are completed and to the Energy Agency has been sent the request that “EPS Supply” gets the license for the tariff customers’ supply.

In this way, “EPS Supply” could become the electricity supplier for all customers who are supplied at regulated prices (households, small and medium voltage customers).

Source: EPS Kwh