Significant investment in the OPM “Tamnava-West Field”

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Bucket wheel excavator erection has commenced

Erection works of the new BWE ,started on 20th May, will be finished in May next year.

In the erection  yard of the OPM “Tamnava – West Field”,  the most productive mine of MB “Kolubara”, the erection of the BWE 740 L financed by the funds of  EPSstartedon 20thMay. When the erection of this BWE has been finished, it will find its place in the OPM “Tamnava – West Field”, on the interburden excavation.

This mining machine ,weighing 1,650 tons, withcuttingheight of 25m and  capacity of 4,800m3/h, is worth 18.7 million euros. Equipment manufacturer is German“ThyssenKrupp”, and erection activities are done by “Kolubara  Metal”.

The Project manager of the excavator erection is Milorad Mirić from Investments Department of  “Kolubara”. On the question how many operations has been completed so far, he replied:

– Less than a month, after the beginning of operations in the erection yard, we are in the phase of receiving equipment which is being prepared for erection, and it is delivered by “Krupp” and “Меtаl”. “Krupp” has delivered the basic engineering for mechanical and electrical erection and detailed engineering, while  “Меtаl”works on manufacturing and delivery of the entire steel structure. Electrical equipment is from “Siemens” and its delivery goes through “Меtаl”. Up to now, 35 % of the equipment has been completed. It has not passed much time since the start of the erection, so there are no problems. Currently, the welding of the substructure and frame installation is in progress.

Deadline for completion of works is 1st May next year. According to Mr. Mirić, “Krupp” and “Metal” have announced more intensive operations from 1st July by which time the slewing platform should be delivered which is made in “Metal”. The delivery of the central post is planned to take place by September, and if it happens, there won’t be any stand stills during erection. Manufacturing of the ballast boom and the bucket wheel boom is in progress at the same time, and they should be on the yard in November.