Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to reach 200 MW photovoltaic capacity by 2025

22.Oct 2020.

Bosnia’s state-controlled electricity producer plans to have some 200 MW of installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity by 2025, says the CEO of Bosnia’s Elektroprivreda BiH, Admir Andelija. The company intends to build new solar power plants at the sites of exhausted coal mines, Andelija told news portal He also said that the company is building the 48 MW Podvelezje wind farm and os preparing for works on the future Vlasic wind farm. The Podvelezje wind farm should begin trial operation by the end of the year. The commissioning of the wind farm for commercial use is expected to take place a couple of months later, according to Andelija.

As for the company’s thermal power plants (TPPs), Andelija said that EPBiH has the obligation to comply with the Energy Community treaty that  envisages a decrease of polluting emissions into the air by between 60% and 95%, compared to their current values. However, the company will not give up on the construction of Unit 8 at TPP Kakanj with installed capacity of 300 MW and the heat pipeline Kakanj-Sarajevo, quoted Andelija as saying.

The works on the Unit 7 of Tuzla thermal power plant should be completed in 56 months, he added. The project is worth 722 million euro ($857 million) and the new unit is expected to produce 2,756 GWh of electricity per year.

The company will also comply with the rules of the Energy Community which envisage reducing CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. To do so, Andelija said the firm would invest in its facilities, while on the other hand, he said that certain TPP units will halt production.

Andelija also announced that the company will form a new independent unit, to act as a distribution system operator (DSO). Production and supply will remain within EPBiH.