Residents of the Loznica district in Serbia do not want a lithium mine

04.Dec 2020.

In front of the office of the company “Rio Tinto” in the Loznica village of Brezjak, a protest was organized due to the opening of a lithium mine in that area.

Residents of the Loznica village of Brezjak, members of the environmental associations “Let’s Protect Jadar and Radjevina”, the Podrinje Anti-Corruption Team and the informal UG “Ne damo Jadar”, about 200 of them, protested by carrying banners such as “Rio Tinto go away” and “Lithium for you – poison for us “.

According to the representative of the association “Let’s protect Jadar and Radjevina”, Marija Alimpic, since there was no representative of “Rio Tinta” in Brezjak, dissatisfied citizens pasted requests on the bulletin board of that company stating that this company should respond in the shortest possible time. to repair the damage it has done to the environment and the citizens of Gornji Jadar so far.

We also demand that they immediately stop intimidating and deceiving citizens and spreading lies. We ask the company to make public all information about its activities that will have a detrimental impact on the environment and human health in Western Serbia, “she told the portal and added that these are the united demands of all participants in the protest.

Until these requirements are met, locals say that the machinery and staff of “Rio Tinta” are not welcome in their fields.

By the way, the experts of this Anglo-Australian corporation conducted many years of research on the mineral jadarite (sodium-lithium-borosilicate) and found it in 2004 in the basin of the river Jadar, after which it was named. During this, the representatives of the state, together with the authorities from “Rio Tinto”, announced the construction of a chemical plant for 2021, and this endeavor was marked by the Serbian public as an investment of the century.