EC advises Romania to ensure the monitorization of air quality

19.Nov 2017.

The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, advises Romania via a letter to ensure the monitorization of air quality on its territory due to the significant deficiencies on air pollution.

The air pollution is a high risk for the public health, leading to more than 25,000 premature deaths/year in Romania. This warning includes the monitorization network of a wide range of areas and agglomerations, as well as the main pollution factors.

A proper monitorization is a fundamental requirement for the compliance with several EU standards regarding the air quality. EU legislation regarding the air quality obliges its member states to evaluate the air quality on their territories and take measures to limitate the exposure of citizens to pollution.

EC says Romania didn’t manage to create a monitorization networks that respects the standards and requirements of the EU.

Source: business-review