BiH; The Wind Farm Hrgud to produce 126 Gigawatts of Electricity?

19.Nov 2017.

The realization of the project “Hrgud” in the RS includes the construction of a wind farm with the installed capacity of 48 megawatts and its annual production is estimated at 126 gigawatts of electricity, as announced by Elektroprivreda of Republika Srpska /ERS.

In the statement was recalled that the total value of the project amounts to 64.5 million EUR, of which 4.5 million EUR is allocated from the funds of ERS, and the remaining part is allocated through the loan from the German Development Bank.

From the ERS also noted that the German Development Bank, besides the loan, allocated an additional 200,000 EUR for preparatory activities on the project, which include a study on the assessment of environmental impact that require implementation of ornithological research / one-year observation of migration of birds, bats and other species at the location of the project.

With the construction of the wind farm “Hrgud” will be fulfilled the obligations of the Action plan for the construction of renewable energy sources by 2020, which was adopted by the Government of the RS.

“The realization of the Action Plan represents one of the preconditions for joining the Energy Community of the EU, which resulted from the agreements that Balkan countries signed back in the year of 2006,” as stated from the ERS.

The Agreement on the financing of construction of Hrgud was recently signed by the Minister of Finances of the RS Zoran Tegeltija, the Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH Vjekoslav Bevanda and General Manager of the ERS Zeljko Kovacevic, with representatives of the German Development Bank.

Source: sarajevotimes