SKF consultants helps TENT power plants helps in business improvement

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In order to rationalize their business, reduce costs and efficiently manage the existing equipment in the power plant “Nikola Tesla” they hired a consulting firm SKF, which evaluated TENT business performance and compared it with lignite power plants in the world. In Obrenovac power plant, the correction procedure is on going, and the entire project will be finished by 2014.

– The aim of the project for which we hired Swedish SKF expert was to find a weak point in our business as we successfully did. The way TENT works was compared with companies in the world that have similar production, in order to determine which aspects of our business are worse than the global practice – says George Biljanovski, deputy director of the power plant “Nikola Tesla” to “eKapija” at the Congress “Power Plants 2012” held from October 30, to November 3, on Zlatibor, where he presented the results of the assessment conducted by SKF.

Business operating of TENT, was mainly compared with European power plants, because of the similarities, including plants from the system of RWE, CEZ …

– Our production costs, maintenance costs, maintenance percentage value in relation to the value of the product, was analyzed as well as what is the reliability of the blocks, how many hours of work on the grid, and various other technical and commercial aspects – Biljanovski explains.

As he said, the results showed that they searched causes of equipment failure in the wrong place in TENT.

– The cause of failure of equipment we were searching for only in the technical parameters. From this project, we realized that we should always consider the human factor too, and that there are latent risks including business organization. When analyzing the termination of the equipment, we learned that the problem was in some procedures, which is easy to remove and costs almost nothing and gives great effects by reducing maintenance costs and higher production.

The results of analysis carried out by the SKF, show that TENT has a large amount of spare parts that burden business.

– We have much bigger supplies than the world practice is, and we have to reduce them in the future.

SKF completed and presented their report in 2011, and last year they made the pilot projects that are being implemented in TENT in 2012.

– Now the main task is to perform correction of our procedure based on pilot projects that were conducted. We are doing this with the help of a team from the SKF in TENT A, and the plan is to independently perform the job in other power plants.

In TENT they are convinced that the entire project will be completed by the end of 2014, which will lead to increased efficiency and reliability of the electricity production.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine