Slovenia, Country have experienced occasional fuel shortages over the weekend

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All three major fuels retailers in Slovenia – Petrol, OMV and MOL have experienced occasional shortages over the weekend, due to panic buys ahead of expected higher fuel prices.

Petrol said that the demand over the weekend considerably exceeded the long-term daily average demand so individual service stations have had some minor shortages. In recent months, this has been the case primarily at the petrol stations where large fuel customers such as farmers fill up.

However, supply has already been increased to meet the demand, although increased traffic and occasional congestion on Slovenian roads, as well as time limits imposed on motorways for trucks carrying fuel delay deliveries. Nevertheless, the largest fuel retailer said that they are well stocked so there is no fear of fuel shortages.

Demand is additionally driven by numerous tourists filling up as they are returning home from the seaside, especially from Croatia, which has higher fuel prices.

Last week, the Government decided to return to a pricing model where fuel retailers’ price margins at petrol stations outside motorways are regulated, while prices of fuels sold along motorways will be fully liberalized. The new regime, which Slovenia had until a few years ago before it gradually introduced full liberalization, will be in place for a year.

The new regime brings to an end the regime the previous government introduced on 11 May that capped the retail price of regular petrol at 1.56 euros/liter and diesel at 1.668 euros/liter for the entire country amid the increasing cost-of-living crisis. As a result, prices are currently much lower than in the neighboring countries, except Hungary.

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