Slovenia, Country to cap electricity prices for households

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Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure Bojan Kumer announced that electricity prices for households and small and medium enterprises (SME) will be capped from September this year until August 2023. He added that residential consumers will be paying 15 to 60 % lower electricity bills, depending on their supplier.

Minister Kumer explained that prices will be kept low through a combination of lower duties and measures that will reduce the profits of power generation companies. The excise fee on electricity will remain at 50 % of the headline level, while the contribution for renewable sources will be cut by half as of September.

He did not disclose exactly how prices will be kept low beyond saying that Slovenia was fortunate that electricity generation and distribution were in majority state ownership.

Slovenian electricity generation companies have so far been able to sell electricity at market price driven by huge demand in the EU, while their underlying costs have changed little, thus achieving high profits.

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