Slovenia, Fuel prices in Slovenia rose significantly on 8 March

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Fuel prices in Slovenia rose significantly on 8 March, with both diesel and regular petrol reaching all-time highs due to high prices of oil on the global markets and the impact of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Petrol cost between 1.555 and 1.564 euros/liter and diesel between 1.662 and 1.670 euros/liter, depending on provider. Prices have been rising for several weeks but have now surged by up to five cents per liter in a single day and in some cases even more.

Slovenia fully liberalized fuel prices in October 2020. Before that, only prices along motorways were fully liberalized.

In response to this situation, Slovenian Government will discuss rising fuel prices on 9 March. Minister of Economy Zdravko Pocivalsek said that the country has sufficient reserves not to be hurt by somewhat prolonged disruption to supply of oil derivatives, adding that the Government will intervene if necessary both in terms of volumes and prices.