Slovenia: GEN-I to install 20,000 SPPs in ten years

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GEN-I Director Robert Golob said that the company intends to invest one billion euros in new technologies and digitalization and to install 20,000 solar power plants of various sizes by 2030. He added that the decarbonization of the Slovenian energy sector can be achieved by 2040 without jeopardizing security of supply. The energy sector is responsible for a quarter of greenhouse gases and must therefore be the first to act on the task of reducing emissions.

By 2030, GEN-I will set up to install 1,000 MW in solar power plants of various sizes, thus meeting approximately one-third of the environmental goals set by the state for that period. Golob said that GEN-I intends to increase the number of electricity consumers to 1.2 million and will provide everyone with carbon-free electricity. Every consumers will be able to establish a sustainable energy cycle at home, to be fully self-sufficient in electricity and to be price and energy independent.

The company also announced that it will increase the number of employees to 1,200 by 2030, with the goal of generating 7 billion euros in revenues annually and investments in 1,130 MW of installed capacity, which will be financed with 1.43 billion euros, partly from its own source and partly from investors.

Golob said that in the future, digital platforms will play a big role in electricity trading, which is why GEN-I is working on a specialized platform that will be adapted to include renewable green energy sources from regions that do not have the necessary knowledge on digital energy trading.