Slovenia: Government plans additional measures to limit electricity prices

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa has announced that the government will intervene to curb high electricity prices for as long as necessary. The main problem, in his opinion, is the European formula for calculating the price of electricity, which takes into account the price of gas, which should be changed in May or June at the request of Slovenia and several other members.

Until the formula changes and that does not stabilize prices, we will continue to intervene, Jansa said at the end of last week during a public debate.

According to a legal package to mitigate high energy prices adopted in late January, electricity bills have been reduced by three months until the end of April. Government figures show the measure reduced bills by almost 40%.

Jansa promised that the government would continue to intervene using the funds from the realized surplus salaries of Slovenian electricity producers, which they charge higher prices.

“Given that they are mostly state-owned companies, we will redistribute those funds,” said the Prime Minister.

The three-month freeze on the network fee was challenged before the Constitutional Court by an association of small shareholders who have stakes in electricity distribution companies.


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