Slovenia: HPPs project on the Sava river obtained a permit

, SEE Energy News

Project for the production of electricity on the part of the Sava river from Jezica to Suhadol, includes the municipalities of Litija, Zagorje ob Savi, Trbovlje, Hrastnik and Lasko. Slovenian energy company HSE obtained a permit from the Government for this HPPs project.

This is the area of the middle Sava, at which the construction of hydropower plants is planned. The concession agreement, which will be signed soon, envisages the continuation of the process of finding locations for hydropower plants in the designated area, while some elements of the concession agreement have not yet been determined or known – primarily the exact number and locations of the futures hydropower plants.

The Government said that the spatial plans for three hydropower power plants on the middle course of the Sava river – Suhadol, Trbovlje and Renke, will be prepared within three years. HSE estimates the cost of the construction of these three HPPs at 350 million euros and these should be built by 2030. Based on 50-year hydrology, it is estimated that the annual production in that area is about 1,105 GWh of electricity. Earlier, it was planned to build as many as ten hydropower plants on the middle Sava, but, in 2013, the Government decided that there would be only three HPPs, due to the expansion of the Natura 2000 project.