Slovenia imported a record 1.2 TWh in October due to the shutdown of NPP Krško and TPP Šoštanj

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According to data from the Slovenian Statistical Office, net electricity production in the country in October 2022 was reduced by 54% compared to the same month last year.

In October 2022, the net production of electricity in Slovenia reached 530 GWh, which is 48% less than in the previous month.

In October, production in thermal power plants decreased by 53% compared to the same month in 2021, production in hydropower plants increased by 27%, while NE Krško was out of operation due to planned overhaul. In addition, block 6 of the Šoštanj thermal power plant was disconnected from the system, which resulted in the lowest monthly electricity production in the last 19 years.

In October 2022, Slovenia imported a record 1,210 GWh (42% more compared to October 2021) and exported 655 GWh (-16%).

In October 2022, households consumed 263 GWh of electricity, while the consumption of commercial consumers amounted to 610 GWh.