Slovenia: Lower electricity production in April

, SEE Energy News

Slovenia’s net electricity generation in April 2020 decreased by 9 % compared to the same month last year, according to the data from the Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia.

In April 2020, total net electricity generation in Slovenia reached 1,097 GWh, which is 7 % less than in the previous month. At the same time, consumption reached 991 GWh, which is a 19 % decrease compared to March 2020. During April, production in thermal power plants decreased by 16 %, production in hydropower plants decreased by 18 %, while production at nuclear power plant Krsko remained approximately the same as in the previous month. In April 2020, Slovenia imported 549 GWh (- 35 % compared to April 2019) of electricity and exported 620 GWh (- 30 %). Supply of energy commodities in general went down in April, such as the supply of petrol which dropped by 12 % and diesel by 52 %. Compared to the same month last year, petrol consumption dropped by 43 % and diesel consumption by 65 %, mainly due to COVID-19 induced lockdown.