Slovenia: More electricity production at GEN Group than planned

, SEE Energy News

In October power plants operated by the Slovenian GEN Group, produced a total of 352.7 GWh of electricity, which is 15.6 % more than planned for the month.

Such high electricity production is mostly due to good hydrological conditions, the most favorable in the past ten years. Therefore, its subsidiary SEL, which operates several hydropower plants on the upper course of the Sava river, produced 61 % more electricity than planned, while HESS, which operates HPPs on the middle Sava river, achieved production 86 % above the plan.

Favorable hydrological conditions also helped increase electricity production of nuclear power plant Krsko, which contributed with 258.6 GWh in October, 4.5 % more than planned. It should be noted that half of NPP Krsko’s production is claimed by neighboring Croatia.

On the other hand, gas-fired TPP Brestanica was out of operation in October due to works on the connection of a new unit to gas network. During October, its other units were prepared to use extra light fuel oil in case of emergency, but there was no need for tertiary reserve.

In the first ten months of 2020, all power plants operated by GEN Group produced a total of 3,041.5 GWh of electricity, 1.6 % more than planned amount.