Slovenia, NPP Krsko is back at full capacity

, SEE Energy News

Slovenia’s sole nuclear power plant Krsko is back at full capacity. Over the past weekend, its output has been reduced to 75 % due to the activities on determining and eliminating minor deviations in the chemical parameters of the condenser chamber.

As a result, one of the 8400 condenser tubes was sealed, eliminating the cause of its poor performance. This is confirmed by the results of measurements of the chemical parameters of the secondary circuit. A condenser operates as a heat exchanger. Colder water from the Sava river comes from pipes, through which steam from low-pressure turbines is conducted. Steam liquefies in contact with cold pipes and goes back to the river.

10 January 2022 marks the 250th day of uninterrupted operation of the power plant since the completion of the regular overhaul in early May 2021. In 2021, NPP Krsko produced 5.42 TWh of electricity, thus exceeding the planned production by 1.66 %.