Slovenia, NPP Krsko offline for regular maintenance

, SEE Energy News

The Slovenian sole nuclear power plant Krsko has been taken offline on 1 October for scheduled regular maintenance, which will last for a month, namely until 2 November.

Thus, NPP Krsko has successfully completed its 32nd fuel cycle, which began after the outage on 5 May 2021. During this period, NEK delivered 8.35 billion kWh of electricity to the grid, thus exceeding the planned production and making a key contribution to the reliable supply of consumers and cleanliness of our living environment. The availability factor of the power plant was 100 %, and the capability factor was 99.9 %. For the third time in its operational life, the plant exceeded 500 days of continuous operation.

The circumstances of recent years give the plant’s achievements additional value. The first part of the fuel cycle still took place in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, but the power plant nevertheless operated stably. The energy crisis highlighted the necessary self-sufficiency of the country in the field of electricity supplies and the importance of the sustainability of the price of electricity for all users. A very hot and dry summer made the situation in the field of electricity supply even worse. NPP Krsko operated at full capacity throughout the summer and proved its resistance to weather conditions and significantly contributed to the reliability of the electricity system. Production in the first nine months of this year is less than 1 % lower than planned.

696 MW NPP Krsko generates some 40 % of Slovenia’s electricity output. The power plant is co -owned with neighboring Croatia and the two countries split the plant’s electricity generation in half.