Slovenia, NPP Krsko overhaul extended by a week

, SEE Energy News

Slovenia’s nuclear power plant Krsko said that teams of its employees and contractual partners implement maintenance work, modernizations and check equipment and systems with great commit- ment; many works have already been completed.

Fuel elements are inserted in the reactor vessel for the next fuel cycle, which will last until the spring of 2024. However, the contractual partner will need more time than planned to replace the high pressure turbine, which is a key operating component and determines the outage duration. NPP Krsko is now focusing on completing the works and establishing the conditions for the plant startup, which is planned for the beginning of the second week of November.

NPP Krsko is doing everything it can to ensure that the contractor finishes the project with good quality and as soon as possible, so that it can reestablish the conditions for ensuring a continuous, stable energy supply to Slovenia and Croatia.